Standard Hatches


SEAGLAZE HATCHES (Traditional Weathertight Hatches) Seaglaze Hatches have been specifically designed for use on inland, coastal and ocean going craft. They can be customized to meet your requirements, although we do have a standard size of 500 x 500mm made to order. As standard we fit our own design [...]

Freeman Hatches


FREEMAN Unfortunately Seaglaze are no longer able to supply Freeman products. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. OUR CUSTOMERS SAY We use Seaglaze as both a supplier and a customer and have enjoyed an excellent working relationship where our join [...]

Hidden Frame


SERIES 15 (Hidden Frame)  The Series 15 frame is unique in that it is hidden behind the glass to give a bonded-glass appearance. Whilst maintaining the water integrity of our similar Series 12 section, the window can also be opened and the frame removed if necessary, something currently impossible [...]

Series 11


SERIES 11 (Clamp - in with visible or concealed fixings) Our Series 11 section is our medium to heavyweight section. This section is suitable for offshore use in workboats and motor cruisers. Can have a radius from 90mm and can have two types of finishes, either anodised or powder [...]

Clamp Shut Slider


CLAMP SHUT SLIDER (Window, Clamp In, Watertight, Sliding) The Seaglaze Clamp Shut Sliding Window is a market-leading sliding window that, when closed, is fully watertight. Suitable for vessels operating in rough waters where a conventional sliding window would be inappropriate, the clamp shut sliding window uses a unique cam-lever [...]

Series 23


SERIES 23 (Internal and External - Through Fix)  The S23 sliding door is ideal for areas where a conventional door would impinge on the available space or fittings, planting on the outside of the superstructure it contains a 3-sided frame and a sliding pane of glass. Made from robust [...]

Series 24


SERIES 24 (Ocean/Offshore) The Series 24 door is a heavy duty Weathertight door. It has been styled to look elegant and simple, but it has a significant hidden strength. This product can be made to fit your requirements.  It has a 150mm radius, stainless steel dogs, shafts and handles, [...]

Series 22


SERIES 22 (External - Clamp In/Through Fix - Dogged) Our newest door, the Series 22 is designed to fall between our Series 21 and 24 doors in terms of outright 'weathertightness'. Unlike the Series 21, this door can be (independently) dogged, but is lighter in weight compared to the Series 24 door. This [...]

Series 21


SERIES 21 The Series 21 door is one of our best sellers. It is a medium weight weathertight door with a lever latch close mechanism. This series is designed for use of commercial craft which operate offshore and in coastal waters. The panel on this section is strong, rigid, light, insulated [...]

Series 5


SERIES 5 The Series 05 section is a medium weight through fixed section. This section is recommended for inland waterways, Estuary and Coastal uses. Fixings are visible on the outer frame, as this section does not come with a screw cover. This frame can have a minimum radius of [...]

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