In your quote letter, you quoted “X” weeks to produce my windows, why is it taking longer?
  • We have over 1000 windows and doors in production at any point in time. We have learnt that it is important not to start production until we have all the technical information required for the job and confirmation has been received.
  • Private customers pay a deposit to cover their work. The production process will not start until this deposit has been paid, therefore the quoted number of weeks to carry out the work will not start until then.
  • We do not hold production slots so even if there is a minor query that needs to be answered, the job will not be started. The longest lead time is normally the glass which takes 3-5 weeks.
Why have I been charged extra for making changes during production?
  • At the start of production, all jobs are thoroughly checked and the necessary resources are allocated. In addition, parts and glass are also purchased immediately. This needs to be undone and then redone if any changes are made.
Why do I have to sign a confirmation?
  • We run a very busy sales department and miscommunication can occur. By signing your confirmation of the job, we have a written record of exactly what you require. It also means that during the production process, the production team will know that the work they are carrying out has been verified by you.
Why does crate and carriage cost so much?
  • We use TNT domestic and international courier service. Although they may not be the cheapest courier service, they are reliable, professional, provide a tracking capability and they also admit when our products get damaged in transit
  • If you would prefer to use you own carrier, you are responsible for the products immediately from the point of when they are picked up. This means that any damage incurred during transit will not be liable to us.
  • We do operate a number of vans that visit the South Coast and local areas frequently and it may be that your delivery can be included on this. However, this will mean that we will decide when the delivery will be and it will be at our convenience only.
Why is there so much packaging?
  • Whilst our windows may look rugged, they are susceptible to scratches and dents. It is important to minimise all risk of damage, especially as each window is made by hand.
Why did you not hand over my products to my carrier?
  • We get dozens of drop-offs and pick-ups every day. Therefore, it is essential that we have the correct references given to us, including our Job Number, in order to ensure that we release the correct products. If your carrier cannot provide this, then your product would not have been released.
Why is it so expensive to make a single window?
  • There is a significant amount of administration and technical work required in making a bespoke window or similar product. As all of our products are made by hand, there is a significant time saving in larger, repeat orders that is not possible in individual orders.
Why is it more expensive to make two nearly identical windows?
  • The processes involved in making a window are dependant on whether it is handed or not. If it is handed, then the fabrication time is reduced and the glass can be ordered in batches. If it is “nearly handed”, it is more problematic in that the glass and frames need to be accurately measured at each stage to ensure the correct components go together.
Why do you send aperture templates?
  • We work to a very close tolerance therefore the dimensions need to be exact as possible.
  • Depending on the format of the templates, the measurements may need to be verified. Particularly if paper templates have been used or the old windows have been submitted.
  • It helps production process run more smoothly if the measurements are as accurate as possible.
  • It also helps ensure that you are going to get exactly what you want by allowing you to measure the template against the aperture.
Can you promise my order will be ready by a certain date?
  • Our sales staff will very rarely give actual promises as we are dependant on a number of suppliers that we cannot directly control. Only within the last 48hrs of production do we have the glass ready, frames either anodised or painted, and the components allocated.
  • We endeavour to meet your needs and will aim to have your order ready as close to the date requested as is realistically viable.
  • We do offer a rapid production service. However, this needs to be agreed with the sales staff during the job set up.