Through Fix Windows

A Through Fix window is where the superstructure or hull is drilled to allow a fixing to pass through the boat window frame, and then into or through whatever the window is being attached to.

With all Through Fixing frames, different trims are available as an optional extra, as are the fastenings.

Clamp-In Windows

Clamp-in windows are fast and easy to fit.

All of the fastenings are incorporated inside the body of the frame. This means there are no external fastening holes, so therefore the common source of leaks has been eliminated.

The Clamp-in window design makes the boat window robust and durable.  It is also pleasing to the eye.

‘Glass-Look’ Windows

Glass-look windows are becoming ever more popular to create a sleek, ‘single panel’ look from ferry’s to superyachts whilst increasing the amount of clear light that gets through. With hidden fixings increasing the water integrity and a range of glazing options available, glass-look windows are perfect for creating the look you want on any vessel.

Plant-On Windows

‘Opening window in a window’ – Encompassing some of our newest range of windows, plant-on are perfect to create ventilation within direct bond windows.