Our Ordering Process

Buying new or replacing existing windows can be an expensive and time consuming job on any type of vessel. Seaglaze is here to bring you our experience and knowledge to transform the process from the daunting unknown, to a stress free— even enjoyable— experience.
We will help you every at every stage, from templating, through to delivery of the completed units. Whilst we would highly recommend the windows are installed by an experienced boat yard, many DIY enthusiasts have successfully fitted our windows themselves.

There are 6 main steps that we will take you through—whilst they may seem overly cautious, we are a firm believer in measure twice cut once!
1. Discovery – As a bespoke manufacturer we have a range of frame sections to suit all requirements and budgets. In this first stage we will work with you to understand what your particular requirements are. Not sure about all the jargon and what the pro’s and con’s of a Through-Fixed frame vs a Clamp-In? Fear not! Our Buyers Guide (on our website) will explain not only the options but also their benefits. In this first stage, please tell us as much as possible—eg. are you on a tight timescale? A specific budget? The more we know now, the better we can help you understand and compare your options.
2. Specification – Even if it’s just a ball park price to begin with, our aim is to make sure that there are no nasty surprises when the final invoice arrives! Commonly, from the information gathered in the Discovery Stage we will have enough information to quote you exactly. Alternatively we may initially provide ball park figures and some options. Either way, by the end of this Stage, you will have both a draft specification and price.
3. Sizing – It is essential that the windows, doors and hatches we manufacture are the best possible fit—we call this process Patterning. To start with we will digitise either your old windows or templates — we’ve generated a separate guide for this stage but don’t worry—we won’t start production until we are 100% certain what we manufacture will fit. Our technical team will also review the specification, just to make sure it is going to work—so don’t be surprised if we ask further questions or request some changes.
4. Manufacture – Once we’ve confirmed both the specification and sizes, received a deposit and most importantly confirmed you’re happy, we will start Production. We have one of the quickest lead times in the industry, mainly because we’ve invested a lot in our own processes—we do all our own metal work, painting and even toughen our own glass, and our own award winning IT systems means that at a click of a button our sales team can instantly check the status of your order.
5. Delivery – Once we’ve quality checked your products and outstanding monies have been settled, we will despatch them via TNT (normally on a next working day) in their own crate wherever you want—be that your address or a local boat builder etc. We will also email you their tracking code so you can keep an eye on them.
6. Installation – Having worked with many of the UK’s leading boat yards for nearly 5 decades, we will do all we can to make sure that whoever fits your products has all the advice and assistance we can give. Most established boat yards are familiar with fitting our products and if not then we have different installation guides available.