Marine Windows

Horizontal Pop and Slide


SERIES 62 Horizontal Pop & Slide The Pop & Slide window combines the weathertight integrity of our clamp shut windows, with a light-weight frame for ease of installation and versatility. The sliding pane locks into place against a strong compression seal when in a closed position, “popping” open and [...]

Concealed Frame


SERIES 16 (Concealed Frame) Seaglaze NEW patented window frame gives you the flush bonded glass appearance with all the benefits of the installer’s favourite clamp-in window. This brand new frame has been designed to have improved double-glazed unit support, and include manufacturing efficiencies to allow for a more economical [...]

Series 3


SERIES 3 The Series 03 is a lightweight, attractive yet more advanced through‐fixed section, suitable for inland waterways and inshore seagoing vessels. Fixings are concealed behind a screw cover strip which stands 5mm proud of the superstructure. Available with either mitred or radius corners(min radius 76mm). This section accepts [...]

Series 1


SERIES 1 The Series 1 Through Fixed section is a lightweight extrusion, suitable for inland waterways and estuary cruisers. This section is simple, elegant and gives a stylish appearance. Solidly constructed from aluminium. It has visible fixings, so the head of the fastening is visible on the surface of [...]

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