The Series 1 Through Fixed section is a lightweight extrusion, suitable for inland waterways and estuary cruisers. This section is simple, elegant and gives a stylish appearance.
Solidly constructed from aluminium. It has visible fixings, so the head of the fastening is visible on the surface of the frame.
Available in fixed, sliding, half drop, top hung and multi‐paned designs and a range of glazing is also on offer, this can be between 4mm to 6mm thick.
Radius on this section can be as little as 50mm or mitred corners are acceptable.
To complement this frame section, we offer box or flat trim. This is secured with self‐tapping screws providing a clean fresh finish internally.

  • Low profile flat face with rounded edges

  • Can be bent in the third plane if required

  • Glazing can be Toughened Glass, acrylic, polycarbonate (other options available)

  • Available in a range of window types

CASE STUDY: Coming Soon

Window Types


 Glazing Options

Single Ply (6mm-12mm)
Laminated (up to 20mm)
Double-Glazed (up to 20mm)


We use Seaglaze as both a supplier and a customer and have enjoyed an excellent working relationship where our join expertise has helped develop our key products.

CTruk Boats

The message from here is very positive and working with you has been a good experience. Right from meeting at the boatshow when you were able to answer all my questions and guide me through what had to be done, to delivery of a well made crate, I gave nothing but praise for the care and attention I received

Alan Watson, Nelson 42

I am very happy with the product Seaglaze provided for me. Th customer team were very helpful when dealing with me and there was always someone there when I turned up at 7ish…

Nick Billingsley

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