Our Series 28 door is Watertight and suitable for all heavy duty applications. It has a stylish appearance, yet it is strong and reliable.

This door is constructed from robust aluminium frame sections.  The door is fitted with heavy duty cast handles to ensure there is a reliable watertight seal.

The Series 28 door is made to custom sizes, has a 3 or 6 dog option, has a link-operated dogging system, welded frame, 150mm radius corners, choice of finish, internal removable panel etc.

There is also the option of sound proofing, lockable from the inside only, glazed cast port and internal frame trim.

This door is suitable for engine rooms, watertight bulkheads and machinery spaces.

  • Welded frame and skin construction

  • Marine grade aluminium

  • Knife edge seal

  • Standard 5mm outer panel

  • Bolt in frame

  • Floating hinge on 6 dog version

  • Dogs, shafts and handles are stainless steel

CASE STUDY: Camu Associates

The doors supplied below were for a non-marine application in a building and still look great!

Type Approval Option

Window Options



Very pleased with the quality of manufacture and product finish. They look very smart and despite some extraordinarily heavy and persistent rain there are no leaks!

Richard Llewellyn, Moody Owner

As always a pleasure working with Sealgaze. The doors are being fitted as I speak, all going well and looking great.

Gael Camu, Camu Associates

Finally in, looking good, and most importantly….watertight.

Roger Pyle, Moody Boat Owner

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