(Clamp – in with visible or concealed fixings)

The Series 10 is the most lightweight and smallest clamp‐in section on offer. Recommended for inland, coastal craft and other applications.
As a clamp‐in section, there are no external fastening holes, therefore a common source of leaks has been eliminated. Clamp in windows are quicker and easier to fit than through‐fix windows, requiring less man power.
This section accepts glazing from 4mm to 6mm in thickness, in a range of options. However in double glazed units this section can take up to 22mm thick glazing.
The radius can be from 65mm up to 165mm. Windows manufactured can be fixed, half drop, top hung, sliding or hopper unit.
Powder coated or anodised finishes are available. A popular choice is a combination of both, to prevent corrosion with a colour finish.

  • Quick and easy to fit

  • Lightweight and attractive finish

  • Glazing can be Toughened Glass, acrylic, polycarbonate (other options available)

  • Available in a range finishes

CASE STUDY: Fisher 34

Replacement windows needed over the course of a year for a 34 foot motor sailor that cruises from the Shetland Islands to South Brittany. A range of styles were requested from sliding to top hung to fixed for various areas of the vessel. Seaglaze worked with both the owner and their engineer to create the perfect windows for their specification.

Window Types


 Glazing Options

Single Ply (6mm-10mm)
Laminated (up to 22mm)
Double-Glazed (up to 22mm)


Very pleased with the quality of manufacture and product finish. They look very smart and despite some extraordinarily heavy and persistent rain there are no leaks!

Richard Llewellyn, Moody Owner

I am so impressed with how professional and smooth the process was. All of the crew involving changing the window had never had a window delivered on time before so getting 10 custom windows delivered on time is priceless! The windows were packed up well and looked better than I could have wished for.

Thea Lehner, Dutch Barge Owner

Finally in, looking good, and most importantly….watertight.

Roger Pyle, Moody Boat Owner

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