Direct bond does exactly what it says. These windows without a frame are just single ply glass bonded directly onto the superstructure of the boat. Within a rebate it a gives a look of a sleek exterior alongside easy installation.

Seaglaze always recommends the use of a frame in a double glazed units for extra support to the outer pane and to prevent weakening of the bond due to gravity. If no frame is too be use then bonding double-glazed units is best in a rebate, preferably at a reverse angle. This is because it takes the pressure off the outer pane and the weight is placed instead on the superstructure of the boat.

  • Quick and easy to fit

  • Any shape and size

  • Variety of glass tints

  • Digital Printed Borders in Any Colour

CASE STUDY: Coming Soon

Windows Able To Be Fitted into Direct Bond


 Printed Border Options

Solid Black Border
Solid Black Border With Dot Fade Out
Custom Print


Very pleased with the quality of manufacture and product finish. They look very smart and despite some extraordinarily heavy and persistent rain there are no leaks!

Richard Llewellyn, Moody Owner

I am so impressed with how professional and smooth the process was. All of the crew involving changing the window had never had a window delivered on time before so getting 10 custom windows delivered on time is priceless! The windows were packed up well and looked better than I could have wished for.

Thea Lehner, Dutch Barge Owner

Finally in, looking good, and most importantly….watertight.

Roger Pyle, Moody Boat Owner

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